Personal training - Pilates - Suspension training

Personal training: Combined health coaching and personalized physical exercises, our personal training leads you to achieve your specific goals. With initial consultation and regular assessments, we offer you a customized training and coaching plan which helps you change as you desire and maintain long-term results. You will gain lean muscles, core strength, flexibility, balance, agility etc according to your need, as well as develop improved healthier lifestyle which is essential for everyone’s fitness and athletic performance. Pilates: Using Pilates apparatus such as Reformer and Chair, you learn how to breath, move smoothly and improve your alignment and posture. This low impact and middle intensity workout demands concentration, precision and control on your whole body and mind. You feel stronger, leaner and taller after each Pilates session. TRX Suspension training: With TRX, you use your own body weight and gravity to maximum advantage in order to develop functional movement and core stability as well as muscle strength and endurance. The exercises in an unstable environment teach you to control your body in subtle ways.